Welcome to the Brevard County Lights website.

Major Update 12-6-2018:  Today I have turned the Facebook page over to David Rise.   He will be updating the Facebook page starting now.  I will also be turning this page over to him as well.   Hopefully this site will return to full operation shortly.   Please stand by.   Right now please head to the Facebook page to announce any houses you may have.  –Thomas

This page is designed by the Restivo Family to help all the families in this community find the best decorated yards for Halloween and Christmas.   For the past 12 years we have posted a map with pins to the displays.  We have created a Facebook page that you can discuss the houses on this page. Please visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/brevardcountylights.     The 2018 Christmas map is posted below.  Remember to register your house if you want your house on our map.

UPDATE:  In March of 2016 the Restivo Family was blessed with a steal on property in Tennessee.  We have moved up here and sold our house in Florida.   We will no longer be part of the map.  I do plan to keep this page up and running for the 2016 Christmas year, however I am looking for someone with the passion that I have to take over the page.

I will be unable to verify that all the pins on my map are real.   I am counting on the community  to help moderate the pins.   If you have a house that you would like added to the map you can use the add house page here.

239 dorado 2014 1

Below is the 2018 Christmas Map

How to read my map.   You can zoom in and move the map around the screen with the mouse or finger (on tablets).  Clicking on one of the pins will give you more information about that house.   If you find a house that is on the map that does not exist please send me an email or facebook message and I will remove it from the map.   Any house that is reported multiple times will be removed and not added again.

NOTE: Because of the large number of houses in recent years, I will be breaking the map into two maps. The first map will contain only Animated displays.  Animated displays are programmed to music.  The second map will Include all other displays including Static and inflatables.

Running the site does have its cost.  If you find this site useful please help me cover my costs by making a donation of your choosing.  Thanks.


This is the map for all the Animated displays in Brevard County.

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Houses for 2018 Animated Displays
 442 Ward RD SW Palm Bay 32908
 441 Town RD Palm Bay 32908
 473 Ward RD SW Palm Bay 32908
 527 Bounty Ave NE Palm Bay 32907
 436 Fillmore Ave NE Palm Bay 32907
 1960 Benjamin Rd Malabar
 2963 Chica Cir West Melbourne 32904
 1421 Lakewood Dr Melbourne 32935
 3460 Willowwood Dr Melbourne 32904
 3460 Willowwood Dr Melbourne 32904
 916 Shiloh Dr Viera 32940
 1510 W Coral Ct Merritt Island 32952
 2492 Glenridge Cir Merritt Island 32953
 1281 Worchester Way Viera 32955
 6820 Hundred Acre Dr Cocoa 32927  (neighborhood display)
 142 Highland Street Cocoa 32922
 6515 Adrian St Cocoa FL 32927
 6965 Briggs Ave Cocoa FL 32927
 359 Buzby St. SE, Palm Bay
438 Jupiter Blvd, Palm Bay
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This is the map to all the Static Displays in Brevard County

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Houses for 2018 Static Displays
 3232 Wallace Ave SE Palm Bay
 433 Dayton Blvd Melbourne 32904
810 Dunn Ave Palm Bay 32909
 1352 Palmwood Dr Melbourne 32935
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